Megacity LA Initial Projects


Project Name: Childs Play (for adults), Live and Learn, S.P.A.C.E., New

Work Place - all 3 sectors

Purpose: Communicating and inspiring through media, performance, and tapes; setting new standards for learning based on the brain; enabling students to find wonder and power in active learning; fund-raising through educating the community.


A. Audio-Video Distribution Co. (franchisable term)

B. New Information Mastery Tools for adults and children (programs, catalogues, newsletters, tapes)

C. Environmental Learning Sitess

D. Home based Telemarketers through computer/phone techology

Contact Person: Bo Lebo/Joan Jordan, 15010 Ventura Blvd., #234,, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403; 818/784-7344

Project Name: Pilot Project

Purpose: Developing Creative Ways of dealing with differences Innovations:

A. Techniques for arriving at consensus

B. Decision making

C. Conflict resolution

Contact Person: Janet Aniline, 528 E. Calaveras St., Altadena, CA 91001; 818/794-5798

Project Name: Cities in Schools - Pub/Pvt Sector Ray Rood

Purpose: To integrate the resources of the public and private sector in order to support the development of "at risk"/dropout prone youth.


A. A methodology that integrates the public and private sector.

B. A leadership development model for "at risk" youth

Conntact Person: Anderson McAleenan, Western Reg. Dir. , 213/473-4228

Project Name: Int’l Leadership Conference

(HOBY - Hugh O’Brien) Kevin Wiese

Purpose: Development/Mentorship of Leadership & Free Enterprise to Youth (High school sophomores)


A. Assembling young leaders throughout the U.S. (& now abroad)

B. Alliance of established leaders in bus., gov’t, educ., sports, etc.

Contact Person: John Claerhoud &/or Hugh O’Brien; 10880 Wilshire Blvd., Rm. 411, L.A.

Project Name: Water Front Access - Harbor sector Purpose: Revitalize community Innovations:

A. Community awakeners

B. Self awareness

C. Involvement

Contact Person: Simie Seaman, 1217 Lakme, 835-8177

Project Name: Peace Expo

1. Theme park

2. The learning center

3. Peoples Pyramid

Purpose: Teach, educate, inform, entertain Innovations:

A. New perspectives of reality

B. Self-esteem, peace of mind, individual, collective growth

C. Thru new process of education; entertainment - create new positive constructive attitudess

Contact Person: Don Tartak, 1314 l7th #20,, Santa Monica, CA 90404; 213/829-3030

Project Name: Air Quality Management Project Frank Hotchkiss Purpose: Clean Air Innovations:

A. Alternative fuels

B. Demand Management

C. Growth Management

Contact Person: Southern California AQMD

Project Name: LA Chapter of CA Association Marriage & Family Therapists Doug Gosney

Purpose: Improved relationsships in families & our communities


A. Technology for avoiding struggle in relationships, and facilitating communication.

Contact Person: Ric Rickles, 1233 N. Crescent Heights, LA; 213/656-0471


Project Name: Federation off Hillside & Canyon homeowners J. Blumenfeld


A. Promote planning in the city by strengthening the effectiveness of the general plan

B. Helped to develop fire safety/brush clearance legislation in the hilsides

Conntact Person: Gordon Marley

Project Name: Insight Seminars

Purpose: Personal Effectiveness Training


A. Safe, supportive, nurturing atmosphere

B. Uplifting individual awareness and skills

C. Discovering & utilizing potential

Contact Person: Dee Dee Diemer, 2101 Wilshire, Santa Monica; 213/829-9816


Project Name: The Inside Edge Boyd Willat

Purpose: Forum for innovative thinkers, community spirit Innovations:

A. Cultivate new business atmosphere for establishment of personal purpose

B. Regular 6:30 AM meetings

C. All men’s council on social/personal concerns of men in today’s society

Contact Person: Paul & Diana Von Welenetz, Santa Monica, 1-800/45l-3343

Project Name: Unicopia, "Electra" among others Purpose: Evolutionary entertainment Innovations:

A. New mythology

B. Integration of numerous visual mediums/technologiess

C. Showcasing of innovative technologiess/new age music

Contact Person: Faren Dancer, 225 Santa Monica Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90401; 213/450-ll69

Project Name: Franklin Square - Pvt./non-profit

Purpose: Homeownership opportunities for low income persons & increased neighborhood stability


A. 20 year lease purchase with gov’t rent subsidy - no deed restriction after 20 years.

B. Tenant relocation expense fund for those who want to move before 20 years elapse

C. Jobs for local area in maintenance of homes in project; helps develop positive attitude by otherr local residents.

Contact Person: T. Watkins or Louise Manuel/ WLCAC, 213/563-5439

Project Name: Labor Day M. WALDORF Purpose: renew spirit of pride; moving America’s workforce Innovations:

A. Television special

B. Events nationwide

C Corporate Sponsorship

Contact Person: Sherri Connelly; Corning St.?; 649-5428


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