Megacity LA Obstacles


"What are the constraints, blocks, realities that are standing in the way of accomplishing our vision?"

Greed - unmitigated efforts to make $

Fear of losing power


  • Sense of worthlessness
  • Not being heard
  • Insufficient capital & influence

Image - either power or grass roots

Our sense that if "they" aren’t here, we’re immobilized

That system - How to work it/with it

  • "Evilize" our difficulty so don’t have to work with it - they & us

An "authority" will fix it

"We’ve done it before syndrome"

Ego/self (internal)

"I won’t commit until..."

Too complicated, costs too much, how do you sell it

Overwhelmed with the complexity/massiveness of the job

Low expectation

Not enough time

Constricted images of the world


Reality of my own death (As we change our old self/world dies)

Change takes place in spite of us



 "What are real, practical things that a group of 20 people could do - strategic actions or thrusts - to get us into the new reality? What practical "thrusts" can we accomplish to remove these contradictions?"


Enroll key leadership - public, private , volunteer

What’s in it for them - speak to their self-interest

Involve "them" in the analysis & solutions



Syndicate a Mega Cities newspaper column

Conduct an Ad campaign - "Little guys do win"

Make "it" entertaining

Create Community dream circles

Educate, inform, reform, transform - thru fun


Mobilizing resources

Form non-profit organization to generate capital (education, networking, etc.)

Develop profitable "solution strategies"

Show how the wealthy will benefit from participating

Team operation plan

Develop ethical & moral guidelines

Sharing the vision - walking the talk

Understanding & living the principles ourselves

Each person commiting a certain amount of time to the project

Practical game plan addressing specific issues - building toward larger goals (it’s not too big to accomplish)

Reframe/recontext to both/and vs either/or, half full vs half empty, what’s working vs what’s not working , empowerment

Impact social infrastructure

Focus on public policy change


Next steps

Publish & distribute document

Design next major event(s)

Meet next Saturday, September 17th, 10 a.m.-1 p.m.


Maximize use of the available wisdom